Come on for dreams.

I always forget a name of person who I got from book. I just remember that he was friends of Nabi SAW who ask where was the market, and he bought a place, then rent and didnt ask money for rent but the tenant give profit sharing. this was syariah and halal.

I think how if I buy a place/shop in the market and do the same way like him. I make a notice board in front of with my phone number. when someone need and get metting with me, I explain what I mean actually. if we deal they may open my shop. they dont know how much should pay to me? they will search price matching for me or see how many profit they got.

this is like simple but, need trust and honesty and see with detail to give shop. I think naturally every person we give goodness they will think to reciprocation. at least in case they will pay of standard.

I dont have life load with hope get profit from that. someday GOD will give more for us if we are sincere and always give alms. every human in the earth must help each others and when we have more sustenance we must be usefull for others.

someday if I have more business and rich. I wanna buy many shop and use the same way to help people and help me in the presence of ALLAH. I realize that I have to fight with maximal potency where I get success and helping people and keep humble too. time to learn more and action.


Written by Arip Hidayat

Saya suka belajar banyak hal, asik buat ngobrol, royal, suka ketawa.

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