What I got in Calcutta

How lucky I am, is not because I am handsome. When bought ticket to a Victoria Memorial Hall in Calcutta, India, I got cheap tickets, they gave me ticket price for local people. I was worry when the officer checked my ticket but slip off. Then I was rounding big area and awesome building. Calcutta was my first city in India and has some good place to visit and that was my first time got local price.
I hoped got local price in Taz Mahal too, because was very expensive to inside there.

stayed in Calcutta for 3 days at Sudder Street. Blue Sky Restaurant been my favorite place to get some foods. I chosed fried rice and noodle coumin (Chinese Food), the portion was big for us as Indonesian so I and my friends always ordered different menu and when our food came we share a half portion each other. hahahaha


I slept at Paragon Hotel, very old but cozy and cheap hotel. only 250 rupes for 2 bed. The owner is muslim and friendly. some hotels did not accept our Visa on Arrival, they were woory. I rememmbered when taxi arrived at Sudder Street, we booked a room in …. Hotel. they checked posport and negotiated with me about price and visa then they gave me key.
my friend go to taken bath and somebody called me about pasport, they couldn’t accepted our visa couse VOA. then I back to my room and my friend was finishing. “they dont accepted us, come on go to others hotel!” I said. I felt not good have used room for some moment. my frieds looked more fresh. the hotel was very expensive and I felt lucky they said that. after that I always worried with my visa, this is ilegal but they think we were like stranger.

for exchanged my money, Sudder Street had some exchanged servised. I choosed a shop which gave good price. dont worry India is cheap. hahahahaha
I am


Written by Arip Hidayat

Saya suka belajar banyak hal, asik buat ngobrol, royal, suka ketawa.

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