what different both solo backpacking and travel with friends?

I had experience when I traveled solo and with a friend. for the first my backpacking when I was 21 years old. during holiday I did what have planed. I started from Singapore – Kuala Lumpur – Hatyai – Phuket – Bangkok – Chiang Mai – Luang Prabang – Vangvieng – Hanoi – Hue – DaNang – Kuala Lumpur – Singapore – Jakarta. that was incredible experience for me. I have been different when I finished.

the third, I experienced backpacked to India for one month. I had new friend and we know from facebook, he promised will follow my plan, and we were success.
but, you know I felt strange, I dont know what, I couldnt explained. or my destination is India, or probably I went with a friend.

ok I can try to explained what different both of solo or with friend.


1. I was free, I can do something what I want in the city.
2. I can eat or not no problem.
3. I can sleep everywhere, I mean I dont need ask how good is place.
4. I know what I want, maybe I want walk, cheap acomodations, cheap foods.
5. I can visit what I want to visit.
6. I can improve my self, talk with english, find some friends, talk with local people.
7. I can be confident and brave
8. I want be indpendent
9. I am used to lonely
10. I can learn about my life, parents, and others who in my life.
11. etc.

With friends :
1. I divide my thought
2. sometime I couldnt hang out with new friend
3. I should thought her/him
4. we are used to speak nation languange
5. sometime we were not uncomportable with my/his/her carachter
6. become a leader
7. I thought him/her, but what he thought me
8. I should be more tolerate him/her
9. sometime like expense, heart expence
10. he/she always asked me to taken picture
11. etc.

ya you can add more to these list. but how lonely I am when solo travelling, that was better. I felt more improve. or we can chose travelmate as same as independent, not only follow your planed.


Written by Arip Hidayat

Saya suka belajar banyak hal, asik buat ngobrol, royal, suka ketawa.

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