actually I dont know what I want? when I was busy I didnt enjoy my work at all. today I have much time but I wasted just for online. I am thinking this is not my passion, but what my passion actually. or somebody in the world when growing up to be adult feel same.

I want to be author, designer, chef. I realized when I was cooking, always made me happy.

I have father as entrepreneur, we make Kerupuk, it’s like cracker from yam powder, the taste is salty savory. this business is small and medium business.

some of my friends said that I am lucky, I dont need looking for a job. ya I wonder what I want again. maybe I have other dreams but I have not found those yet.

I work just for some time, I count money in the afternoon. in the morning I online. I didnt think about plan, manage this business, etc. I am selfish and study everything but not serious with this job. I am like dont care. even though I wanna be an author, so hard to write without online.

I should be more serious, proactive, be good leader.

I saw my mother complain about her health, footsore in the calf area. my father busy too, he opened production place in the village, 8 hours from here by bus. maybe the place has operated for 2 month, he is managing/starting from zero again, that is like challenge for him. every week he went here to send his products. he is old approximately 52 years old. he looked tired.

in the other case, I wanna take working holiday visa for 1 year. what should I do? they need care and help.


Written by Arip Hidayat

Saya suka belajar banyak hal, asik buat ngobrol, royal, suka ketawa.

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