I dont know when

I know ALLAH has good time for everything I need, some things will happen if ALLAH has given ways. maybe I was not patient now, I am uneasy with my heart as if want to blow up all. I’ve tried 3 times for toefl test but my result was bad, less from 450 (minimum score that need for WHV).

I have big dream and almost people has, I wanna be part of the best people in the world. may be if I apply WHV and work in Australia, exactly can get much experience. I am hard worker in my home, I help my parents everyday even I rarely hang out with my friends, I love travel but I couldn’t do whenever.

3 times for tested and I paid Rp. 350.000 for 1 times, approximately Rp. 1.000.000 like lost. I could bought books, shirt or anything with that money. ahkkkkkk

I always pray, what can I go? I didnt school at good school, I want to get scholarship but I am not smart. at least I want to work there, get much experience, learn from the ground, I am not confidence with my ability and hope can get there. I am ready for that.

should I work here and keep helping my parent’s business? I want, really want but I more want learn anything before. please ya ALLAH, I am always keep on good track, please give me chance for get much experience will make me different.


Written by Arip Hidayat

Saya suka belajar banyak hal, asik buat ngobrol, royal, suka ketawa.

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