When Casual Worker is Greedy

One year in Australia, what will you do? Ya my visa is working holiday visa but is better I work for the first time, and than holiday or do everything to entertain my self.

I think can work 10 hours or more in a day. So after I got first serious job, I tried to manage and found another job. So I got night time job.

Work in the kitchen was my wanted before I came. I watched some videos on you tube to learn. Sometime I asked about casual job to friend on facebook.

I got good and friendly workplace. I loved so much for the first time. Honestly there are 2 Indonesian who could help me there. They call me ‘happy boy’ because I always look like happy. Ya that is because I work in good workplace and I can learn so much from good people there.

My languange is my trouble so is better I work again to practise english. I got in new kitchen, that is a restaurant at caravan park area. Is not busier than my first job, so I don’t need spent much power to do. Ya I love there too, because we can talk everytime and sometime we make any funny and polish.

Everywhere I try to the best, I give all out of my ability. I dont wanna make whoever disappointed me.

Ya I am greedy right now, because I need a lot of money to build my future, we never know what will be happened but we try to get more now as long as we can, right?

I am greedy for my self, than I am buliding lazy time, is better I do something that will be useful and build my habbit, like; diligent, discipline, hard worker and more.

I am really thankful to my Lord, Allah. I hope I can manage time to pray better than before. I have future after die, whatever I have now is not meaningful after I die except my goodness as what GOD wants.

I really happy everywhere I work, I used to be hard worker in everywhere. Actually what we do today will be influence our future. Everyday I open my eyes with enthusiasm, I walk with happiness and earphone and music. Sometime I cried because really thankful or my thought.

ALLAH give me what I wanted. I got easier than what I thought before. Thanks. Really thanks. I have new life. Give me good way always, pelase! I dont know what I should speak avout what I got. I hope you give me the best.

I really thankful to whoever who teach, guide, make me lough, give me salary and job, give me room, give me water or cake, picked me, or you never know that you have given me inspiration.

Everyday in my head there are any idea, think, everthing. Sometime my eyes has a lot of water but I held to cry, that is like when we are praying and can be crying.

Thanks you so much.
I hope you can understand what I’ve written.


Written by Arip Hidayat

Saya suka belajar banyak hal, asik buat ngobrol, royal, suka ketawa.

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