Mom what are you doing now, I wanna see your face and hug you, then I talk about my job.

Mom I got this job in 2m weeks after I arrived in Darwin. I had bad talked that I wanted to left home forever as long as I could. But now I really missing my home. No I just wanna see my family, even 1 hours.

Mom do you know why I used to travel one/two times in a year. That was because I could thinking about my parents who had give me all where I didn’t think if only in home.

Mom I asked you hardly to help my visa process. I knew what will I get with working holiday visa, and now after I almost 2 months here I know that is like my expectations.

Mom do you know what are there in my head? I wanna be extraordinary, that’s why I try to be always diligent and study everything.

Mom you teach(v3) me everything in the kitchen. I am not regret you ask washed all my shirt, asked me to help you in the kitchen, washed dishes, etc. That made me have different personality.

Mom they like all I did here. Mom I got a lot of money and much learning.

Mom they are very care to me. I met good people here. 1st a family gave me comfort home but I moved because I work in 2nd place. 2nd I work in good workplace where I really love there, they always care and friendly, 3rd I got another job and I can get more money.

Mom the boss is very good, she is diligent and has good charismatic. She is very good and I can learn from her about how to be good leader.

Mom sometime I work in some places, like today I worked in other restaurant. I could meet new people and they like me too.

Mom I can be more improve my self in Australia.

Mom everythings are good but no with my religion, I have not managed my pray yet. 5 times in a day still make me hard to do. Sometime I did but I felt I was like stranger.

Mom now I live at Durak. That is new area and very nice. My room is very good. The owner is Indonesian too.

Mom I am thinking about you. I am imagine how tired are you? I hope my brothers always help you. I am sorry have  left you. I cant help you again for long time. Mom always pray for me, ya, please!.

Mom, probably I am too ambitious to work and earn money. Sometime my feet is sick but no worry about that. I am happy for work.

Mom keep your health and sometime I’ll be back with new spirit..

Mom I love you…


Written by Arip Hidayat

Saya suka belajar banyak hal, asik buat ngobrol, royal, suka ketawa.

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