I love my job, almost 7 weeks work as kitchen hand in some restaurant. I do same work in 3 restaurants now, I AM REALLY PROFESSIONAL DISHWASHER MAN, AMN’T I?. I can’t manage my time, because I work as casual worker where I should be available whenever they call me. I have no same schedule and always different in a week.

work as long 6-11 hours a day make me really tired but when work I can’t feel that. I can keep hard and fast. but on this week I am always thinking about my job. I wash everything in the kitchen. in Islam there are 2 animal which never eat; pig/pork and dog. I knew if I touch dog when dry I should clean my hand with ground and water but I dont know about pork. absolutely I touch pork everyday because some time there a bacon, meat or blood.

unfortunately I really love my job, I met good people and we like each other. I do all out for everything as long as I can but I am worry. islam is not harder but if there are other options, why don’t I choose?

I like cooking and see many kind of foods, plus I like my workplace.

I try to think about housekeeping job. because I just need clean room and I think I have much time to manage my pray and my friends work as housekeeper and I heard their story no really hard.

my friend work 6-8 hours everyday. they got around $900 plus accommodation, if I count may be they got $1100 more. because I work in caravan area and they told about room which I can rent $200 per week.

Now I work 6-11 hours in 6 days I got around $1200 but I paid rent and buy foods. just little bit different. what I got again. So tired to do everything, except work and shopping. hahahahahha


this is muslim schedule every day. 5 times we must do.

but do you know what happened with me. lazy to do. may be I work overtime.

cleaning or housekeeping job may be very good for muslim.

that is just plan, I have no Idea because I love kitchen and 2 places where I work like me. Working holiday visa holder can work in a company for 6 month only, after that must move.

some people so hard to get job, now I try to give the best when work. after 6 month I dont know what.

hope ALLAH always in my heart, hope I will be more good in pray.

thanks for everything.

I believe so many dreams and wants YOU gave me, ya ALLAH.

I realize because what I wanted from Indonesia I got.

I hope what I am thinking now, will you give me again. and I am ready to meet many good people.

I wanna stay longer here but I believe ALLAH has good ways for me.


Written by Arip Hidayat

Saya suka belajar banyak hal, asik buat ngobrol, royal, suka ketawa.

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