Visit Termite Mounds, Bulley Rockhole and Florence Waterfal at Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

I visited with 2 friends. We Visited Litchfield National Park during day off from our job. We went at 9 am and we arrived at 11. you can go faster if your car has good quality because the road (Stuart Highway) is very clear.


we were having fun only on 3 sightseeing of 8 sightseeing because we had no more time and we promised someday we have to go back here to explore others sightseeing.


so enjoy my photo..




we just visited this area because we had no more time and tired.


we could find a lot of termite mound beside the road as well.



we shared coast for gasoline $30 and every one spent $10 for return (Darwin – Litchfiel National Park). this location 90 km from Darwin and we traveled 2-2.5 hours to reached this location with 80km/hours.


we asked someone who rent this car and he spent $120 for oneday from Darwin. perhaps you can do like he did.


next we visited Rockhole and Florence falls. they were in one area and we followed the track on good footpath.

there were many swimming area and this was like swimming poll in the river and we were enjoying for long time.


beautiful view and water made us cozy and didn’t wanna go out.


Florence Falls, I swam with fish. amazing experience, that’s why somepeople recommended you to bring snorkeling tools.



florence falls

good path good adventure



enjoying private poll.


honestly this area was really good for camping.


ahkk I love this place.



ok thanks for read..



Written by Arip Hidayat

Saya suka belajar banyak hal, asik buat ngobrol, royal, suka ketawa.

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