1st day in Yangoon

I arrived in Yangoon international Airport. I took money at MAB ATM in Airport 200.000 Kyats, my card is mastercard from commonwealth Australia. I Checked on my phone that currency was $218 for 200.000 kyats.  I checked on commonwealth bank application was $225, I thought fee was not really big. The ATM close to tourist information.

I had dinner at KFC for 5250 inside airport, airport has free wifi for 30 minutes. You have to register like fill your name and phone number. I bought sim card for 3000 and 5000 for recharge, internet connection was bad in Airport. I use Telenor,  I think you can get cheaper for sim card outside.

I checked pixed price taxi from airport to city, I would sleep at agga youth hostel, costumer service was friendly and gave me fixed price 8000. When I asked for cheaper one, she suggested me to take taxi outside and lower price might be 6000.

I tried to get but taxi driver just tell 8000. When I was walking, someone came to me and we made a deafor 7000, but taxi without aircon, it didn’t matter, but I thought fixed taxi will be better. But I loved cheaper.

I arrived at agga youth hostel, agga charged me $8/9600 for dorm. After I got my room, I went to looking around, visited mall and ate dessert in restaurand. I spent 2100 in rsaturant for desert menu.

So I spent 31.950

Written by Arip Hidayat

Saya suka belajar banyak hal, asik buat ngobrol, royal, suka ketawa.

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