2nd day in Yangoon

Agga youth hostel has free breakfast on the rooftop. This hostel has 8 floor and there a lift facility.

I had have breakfast with fried noodle, fried egg and potato ball like perkedel in indonesia. Those were nice with orange juice (ABC syrup/indonesian syrup) and fresh watermelon.

I am keep staying here and pay 9600 kyats or $usd 8. And then, I went to looking around today from 8 am.

Yangoon is busy, so many car and bus, I thought there is no motorcycle here. I just walked.

First was shwedagon pagoda. I forgot wear long pants. So I have to buy long yi. I had to take off shoes, so dont forget bring plastic bag from home or you can buy there. If you finished and need toilet, they will asked donation minimum 1000, I paid around 500. 

5000 kyats and ticket for tourist was 8000 kyats.

Actually I could enter without pay, because I am look like local and there was no really check.

I was disappointed, because when I took picture only pagoda was good but when I took selfie, that was weird. I tried on all side of pagoda, result was same. Not because sun or light.

My face was very dark and so hard to get good picture. I was hopeless.

I had a lunch at ayam penyet ap restaurant, this restaurant was in front of shwedagon area or at U Wisara Road.

Yeah at least I could eat well.

5500 + tax + fee = 6350 kyat. It was kinda expensive.

I interested what was inside myanmar cultural valley, so I paid 300 and actually that was garden. This location was in front of shwedagon pagoda, west gate.

I visited small pagoda near shwedagon. Free entry!

Then I walked far away to Kandawgyi Lake, thay was usual. 

When I was walking I needed toilet and I saw Chatime, ok I came inside mall and looked toilet but toilet was on cleaning. Fu*ked. So I drunk chatime pearl black tea 3000+tax = 3600.

I walked again to inya lake on Kabar Aye Pagoda Road side.there was nothing. I was tired and I tried to go home by bus. Fortunately there is a good bus to downtown.

I paid 300 inside bus. I thought that wa for one trip. So this bus available travel to shwedagon temple and downtown. Just using google map to help me where I was.

I need small bag, but I didn’t found. So I just buy plastic bag 5 pcs at small cafetaria for 250 kyat when I was walking to mosque area.

I thoght there would be have many halal food choices. I ask a guy and he show me wich halal restaurant.

Restaurant around in blue spot.

This restaurant serves halal food. I ordered fried noodle curry with chicken and water for 2100 kyat

Many menus, tom yam, seafood, etc.

And I saw some halal restaurant beside it. I could see Muslim were having dinner or buying street food and seller were like muslim. So you can try here. Cheap and halal.
Finally I was not hungry and I could sleep well.


Written by Arip Hidayat

Saya suka belajar banyak hal, asik buat ngobrol, royal, suka ketawa.

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