3rd in Yangoon

I will move to Inle Lake, Actually I could booked ticket from hostel, but I had to go to bus terminal by my self. So, hostel gave me option to take taxi and charge was around 8000-10000. Wow so expensive. I didnt want!

Agga yout hostel is red mark and bus station is blue mark

I looked for some option, bus or train. Ok I would go by train to bus station.

Before checked out, I had having breakfast and I talked about travel with Japanese. So interesting about his travel around the world for one year plan. But we had no long time to talk. I had to go.

I went to Yangoon railway station at Bo Gyoko market area, I asked how to go to mingalardon station and how much price? Someone told me I had to got to gate number 7 and I could get ticket there. Ticket was 100 kyat. What the hell, so cheap! 

Mingalardon is close to bus station, tain would travel for one hour. I grabbed motorcycle driver and paid 1000 kyat. He picked me to JJ express bus stop. I booked ticket to Inle Lake, ticket was 22800 kyats. After that I went to back train station and I went to Yangoon again. I had not tried halal street food. Just one hour in downtown.

2.40 I went to bus station again by train, yeah that was crazy and wasting time. Make sure train schedule, if you want travel by train in city. 

Yangoon doesnt have many sight seeing, so I dont have idea to stay longer. But I like people were friendly. Not any criminal, I was not worry walk around, yeah Yangoon is ok and save.

So if you wanna get cheap, you can take train!


Written by Arip Hidayat

Saya suka belajar banyak hal, asik buat ngobrol, royal, suka ketawa.

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