Domamali Halal Food Inle Lake, Myanmar

So, I was looking for mosque on google map during cycling around Inle city. I couldn’t find.

When I went to main gate of city, near bus stop/station I saw a building was like mosque and I came to be closer and yeah that was mosque.

I didn’t see restaurants around there, so I stopped and asked 2 women were cleaning. She tried to help me, she was really helpful. She called someone to show me where I could eat. I wait for 8 minutes and someone showed me way to halal shop.

Mosque to halal food kinda far, but used bicycle just need 10 minutes. This shop was ordinary, it was not like good restaurant. But I ate traditional and awesome food.

I loved myanmar food because taste was like indonesian food. I met people were very friendly. I had having dinner with Abdul Rasyid who showed me this shop. People were laughing and very welcome to me. Owner was very nice.

When I asked, what the name of this store, owner said ‘my name is (I forgot) and my wife’s name Domamali, so this shop is Domamali shop.’ People laughed together. Hahahahhahaha 
This shop is behind my hotel actually. 

So I have updated on google map.

I stay in Manaw Thu Kaw Hotel.

These were beautiful taste. You can try boiled dog vege (circle one). I loved that. In Indonesia it was Jengkol. Vege soup really delicios, that was kangkung and egg inside soup. Chicken curry and egg chili souce. My friend ate beef curry. 

I just paid 3500.


Written by Arip Hidayat

Saya suka belajar banyak hal, asik buat ngobrol, royal, suka ketawa.

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